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Swiss composer and lyricist "Static Dark" was born as Sandro Marc Straub in 1978.
Loaded with lots of creative energy but very reluctant when it comes to force the spotlight of the public on himself, Static Dark embraced a working mode not unlike the proverbial "mad scientist", experimenting away in his basement laboratory.

Static Dark's compositions obviously do not wish to comment this so-called "real world", at least not anymore. This kind of person and his music rather exist in their own context, serving their own rules. More importantly, they're not slave to the fads of the time.
Embracing and applying the aforementioned work ethics created this signature style of his: dense, mystical atmospheres embedded in Electronica, that serve to evoke, describe or underline emotions about a specific theme.

"Cross-Section" is his first official album and has been released on May 2, 2013.

Static Dark had a side project going from 2006 until 2009 with longtime friend and musician Jack Burn. In 2013 they joined forces again, dropped their old moniker in favor of "Agencystem" and started working on their first album together, scheduled for a release in 2015.