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Here's a little guide to show you the best way to get your desired product.

If you are looking for the cheapest solution - the blue one is our recommendation. The shipping costs can differ a bit, depending on the country you live in, so feel free to compare yourself.

As you can see, usually is the best choice for people outside Europe to get downloads and CDs. So most people can use the CD Baby shop widget on the right hand side.

Besides there are a few advantages to buy the music directly from Static Dark's label asme music:

  1. it's the best way to support the artist because no money is lost on third party distributors

  2. merchandise (t-shirts, lighters etc.) and special offers (signed CDs etc.) can only be ordered at the label shop

  3. asme music sells all products from Static Dark worldwide (if you'd like to order music and merchandise articles)

  4. the label shop is available in two languages (English, German)

  5. you can pay via PayPal and traditional bank wire (the bank account is in Switzerland)

Unfortunately, there is no vinyl or merchandise from Static Dark available at the moment, but you can order a signed CD as special offer at asme music. Visit this site regularly for news & updates or sign up for the newsletter.